List of Services

Free Phone Consultation

We'd love to hear from you! Please call us for a FREE 30 minute phone consultation. Choosing a provider is always a tough task. Have comfort knowing this would be a provider led one on one phone chat. We will discuss your main concerns, why you were referred to us and how we can help you navigate your journey. Everyone's story is unique and deserves to be heard.

Orofacial Myology Assessment (ages 4+)

At this initial appointment, we assess oral and facial musculature identifying dysfunctional habits. Baseline measurements, photos, and video are taken throughout the process. While listening to your story, we investigate together, making this engaging and informative. Clients leave this appointment wanting to know and learn more about this proactive therapy.

Assessment includes:

Online HIPPA compliant paperless intake forms

60-90 minutes comprehensive & functional assessment

Medical & Dental history

Photos and video images

Review treatment plan options

Myo for Munchkins (ages 4-6)

Geared specifically for our young clients, the focus is on making therapy interactive, engaging and FUN! These sessions are individualized to meet the needs of your child’s maturity and attention span. Positive reinforcement and encouragement as well as lessons on self awareness make these therapy sessions life long lessons. Early intervention is the greatest way to ensure your child reaches their full potential of jaw and facial development. Parent observation and participation is required.


Short 15-30 min sessions depending on age maturity and attention span

Individualized therapy

Interactive fun and games

Incentives and rewards

Online HIPPA compliant client portal

Myofunctional Therapy (ages 7+)

Functional therapy of the tongue, lips, jaws and surrounding musculature. We target specific muscles to isolate, engage, retrain and restore. While encouraging self awareness, exercises and stretches are demonstrated to help improve muscle function. Clients are provided with take home instructions along with an easy check off chart to continue and track their progress at home.


Individualized therapy

30 min sessions

Online HIPPA compliant client portal

Collaboration with other professionals

Habit Elimination Program (12 and under)

Behavior modification approach to eliminate non-nutritive sucking. Our program uses positive reinforcement, a reminder system and behavioral charting to help eliminate these oral habits. By helping individuals feel in control of their actions, we set them up for success. This confidence building program has long lasting effects.

Note: we recommend this program for age appropriate individuals who have a strong desire to quit.


Habit Elimination Assessment

Weekly sessions

4-6 weeks

1 month follow up appointment (in person)

3 month follow up (phone call)


Positive reinforcement

Online HIPPA compliant client portal

Pre/Post Frenectomy Care

Pre/post care is essential in preparation for knowing what is involved in a tethered oral tissue release. Specific exercises and stretches are given to aid in the success. Improving tone, movement and function of the tongue prior to and after a tongue tie release is effective in managing possible reattachment of the lingual frenum.


4 therapy sessions

6 week program

Active wound care protocol

Online HIPPA compliant client portal

Mobile Myo Therapy

Myofunctional therapy can be completed in the comfort of your home. Provided at our discretion & with an additional fee. All supplies will be provided however, we do ask for the client to provide two chairs.

* Therapy only

*Subject to COVID restrictions