About Us

Breathing Essentials Myofunctional Therapy, LLC was created out of passion for finding a solution.

Susie and Haru are registered dental hygienists with over 40 years of combined experience. Their personal journeys with their own children's health prompted them to investigate and study myofunctional therapy.

While practicing dental hygiene they have the opportunity to provide care to patients from toddlers to senior citizens. On a daily basis they identify oral structures, crooked teeth, poor bite, and disease in patients. They continually encounter patients whose dental health has been compromised by existing undiagnosed orofacial myofunctional disorders.

Their passion to provide the best care possible for their patients has them recognizing myofunctional therapy could be key to helping patients achieve whole body health.

Fun and socially engaging, Susie and Haru genuinely love talking and educating people. They enjoy motivating their patients to become an advocate for their own health and children's health.